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Parents - Getting Started

Step 1: Create Your Account

Click on
Fill in your name, email and password. After you successfully created your account, you will be in the "Account Dashboard".

Step 2: Add your children

Click on "Manage Children" and then "Add Another Child".
Manage Children
Enter your child information and then select your child's school and teacher. Please note that you have to select a teacher, librarian or school staff in order to allow us to track this as a book club order. Online Book Club requires at least one teacher to participate.
Choose School Choose Teacher

Step 3: Browse and Shop

  1. Start from your school page (e.g. - to view teacher wishlists and teacher recommendations
  2. Browse our monthly book club selection
  3. Browse all books on our website
  4. Search by entering the book title, author, series name or keywords

Step 4: View Cart

Review your cart page and you can double check to ensure all items have a recipient assigned - either to a teacher (gift to teacher) or your child's name. If your child's name is not available to choose from, please go to Manage Children page to ensure your child is connected to a teacher/librarian/school staff.

Step 5: Checkout

During checkout, you will be prompt to enter the billing information, shipping information, shipping method and payment (through Paypal). For Online Book Club orders (books ordered as gifts to teachers or student orders), you can choose "Bulk Ship to School Name" with free shipping.
Books will take 2-4 weeks to be shipped to the school. They will then be given to your child to take home. All Sales will earn book credits to purchase books for teachers, classrooms or library at your school!


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by email or phone - as shown at the footer of each page.